Tourplex Product Line

Since the introduction of USITT DMX512 (1990) as the industry wide standard lighting control protocol, the versatility and complexity of control cables has increased radically.

Category 5E Network Cable

TourPlex Datasure 2

TourPlex Datasure 4

Digital Color Changer

It is now easily possible to rely on one lighting console to control an entire lighting system comprising of dimmers, color changers, moving lights and strobes. It is equally possible that one single length of data cable is the critical link for the whole system, so doesn't it make sense to ensure that you are using the best data cable available?


  • contain a proprietary compound that gives the cable a unique flame-retardant quality.
  • This compound also toughens the jacket giving the cable better resistance to damage caused by everyday use.
  • are manufactured and tested to exacting specifications to ensure high performance and consistency.
  • are factory-tested for Hi-Pot, Continuity, Impedance and Capacitance ensuring that you won't find a better data cable to be the critical link for your show.
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