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Software and Documentation  

Welcome to ACT Lighting's Download section.

Some software upgrades may require multiple steps and this site can help guide you through this process to ensure that you upgrade successfully.

dot2 Software

Please read important Frequently Asked Questions for this MA dot2 software

Before you install dot2 software... new v - F.A.Q
Includes new feature guides and manuals!


StickMAker Software: (Program creates a bootable USB stick for your dot2 hardware)

Windows 7 or higher: StickMAker - (6 MB)
MacOS Up to 10.7 (Lion): StickMAker 1.004 - (2 MB)
MacOS 10.8 to 10.12 (Mountain Lion to Sierra): StickMAker - (250k)


ACT Suggested Software Version and Current MA Release: v1.3.2.2 ~ (June 2017)

Download File Size Notes
Console.imgz 246 Mb Local USB Installation
Console.update 193 Mb Setup > Software Update
dot2 onPC .exe 138 Mb (Windows 7 or higher!)
dot2 3D .exe 171 Mb (Windows 7 or higher!)


MA Fixture Builder:

Windows Version: MA_Fixture_Builder_v1.3.2.2.exe - (71 MB) July 2017 - Windows 7 or higher only
MacOS Version: MA_Fixture_Builder_v1.3.2.2.dmg - (78 MB) July 2017


How to Update The dot2 Console

1 Release Notes - New

dot2 Manual: Online Manual

1dot2 onPC System Requirements


grandMA2 Software


ACT Recommends you read important Frequently Asked Questions
BEFORE you install this grandMA2 software


StickMAker Software: (Program creates a bootable USB stick for your grandMA2 hardware)

Windows 7 or higher: StickMAker - (6 MB)
MacOS Up to 10.7 (Lion): StickMAker 1.004 - (2 MB)
MacOS 10.8 to 10.12 (Mountain Lion to Sierra): StickMAker - (250k)


ACT Suggested Software Version: v3.3.4.3 ~ (November 2017) - F.A.Q

Download File Size Notes
Console / NPU .imgz 494 Mb Local USB Installation
Console / NPU .update 383 Mb Setup > Software Update
VPU.exe 212 Mb Local Installation (Windows 7 or higher!)
Node.imgz 22 Mb Local USB Installation (for MA2 nodes only!)
Node.update 22 Mb Setup > Software Update (for MA2 nodes only!)
MA Switch 4 Mb  
MA2 onPC.exe 251 Mb Local Installation (Windows 7 or higher!)
MA 3D.exe 200 Mb Local Installation (Windows 7 or higher!)


New MA Release Software Version v3.4.0.2 ~ (July 2018)

New Release Software Links and F.A.Q Here v3.4.0.2 - F.A.Q
Includes the features and release notes!



How to Update your grandMA2 products Release Notes

grandMA2 Manual: Online Manual

Effects in grandMA2

onPC & command wing Setup Guide

 New  ACT Recommended Computer

ACT Recommended Hardware Specs



Show File Migration -  You must migrate your show file!

Run your show file thru each version to maintain the integrity of your programming. > > > >

This can be quickly accomplished via grandMA2 onPC. Contact support for older versions of software.


MA2 Utilities

MA Remote: - iPhone / iPod Touch Software

How to Configure MA remote


VectorWorks Spotlight: - Plugin

ACT Guide to Vectorworks Plugin 2.3
Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin 2.3 - (37K) December 2015
Planet Vectorworks - Export Your Lighting Designs to the grandMA2 Console (Article)

1MA - Vectorworks 2.3 Manual

1 Vectorworks Release Notes v2.3



gma-Wysiwyg[2.900][6.800] v1.220.exe - (2 MB) February 2014

1Connecting MA to Wysiwyg


ESP Driver:

gma-ESPVision[3.100][6.800]_v1.220.zip - (2 MB) December 2015

1Connecting MA to ESPVision


grandMA Software - (Hardware Discontinued 2010)

grandMA1 Software: - full-size, light, ultra-light, micro, pico, nsp, 2-port & replay unit

USB Version: Setup_v6.808_USB.exe - (9.8 MB) February 2014
Floppy Disk Version: Setup_v6.808_Disks.exe  - (9.8 MB) February 2014

grandMA onPC Software:

gMA1onPC_[ ][6.801]_v6.808.exe - (35MB) February 2014

grandMA1 (6.808) to grandMA2 ( Show Converter:

gMA1to2_[2.9.1][6.808]_v1.3.exe   (50 MB) May 2014
Converts the following elements from version MA1 6.808, to MA2 Version

Fixture Types  Fixture Schedule including patch, 3D position and color 
Groups Presets (excluding embedded presets)
Sequences Worlds
Executor Pages Macros and Cue command links will be converted as far as possible.
Effects Effects and Modulators will be converted as far as possible.
Agenda Timecode and Agenda where possible
Elements that WILL NOT be converted
  • User profiles
  • Bitmap effects and layouts
  • Fixture Schedule function invert per fixture
  • MATricks
  • Commands not compatible with grandMA2 syntax!

grandMA1 For grandMA2 Hardware - MA1 [6.808] running on MA2 hardware - February 2014
grandMA2 Console Software: RPU/NPU  MA2Console_[2.9.1][6.8]_v2.9.1.1.zip  (287 MB)
grandMA2 onPC gMA2onPC[2.9.1][ ]_v2.9.1.1.exe  (140 MB)
grandMA2 3D gMA3D_[2.9.1][6.8]_v6.0.24.19818.exe  (150 MB)

Manual: grandMAnual 6.0

NSP Manual: NSPMAnual 1.2

1MA1onPC Requirements

Warning - may not run on your new MA hardware!

As new equipment has been released, stickers are placed on the back to indentify the minimum version required to operate that particular unit.
Installing an earlier version than indicated by this sticker may cause erratic behavior and in some cases, render it inoperable.