ACT Lighting is excited to announce the Mythos2


ACT Lighting is excited to announce the Mythos2, a new version of the award-winning Clay Paky Mythos.

Clay Paky will begin shipping this new version, the Mythos2; the original Mythos will remain available as a special-order item. Mythos2 will features the following changes:

  • An Osram Sirius HRI 440W lamp
  • Osram driver and firmware.
  • A new dimmer blade assembly
  • Mythos2 labeling

Operationally, the Mythos2 is completely compatible with the Mythos. Additionally, in both lab and field tests the Osram lamp has performed flawlessly. The performance characteristics of the Osram lamp ensure that the quality of light and color are virtually unchanged and the intensity of light output is equivalent. The new dimmer assembly uses the existing curve and creates a clearly visible improvement in the performance of fade smoothness.


Mythos Ugprade Kit is available:

While it is not required, if you would like to convert a Mythos unit to a Mythos2 you can! There is a simple and convenient kit that for the price of a lamp alone, you can purchase from ACT Lighting, that offers the following:

  • Osram Sirius HRI 440W lamp
  • Osram lamp driver
  • Dimmer blade assembly
  • Set of Mythos2 stickers
  • Conversion instructions

Please enquire with our Sales team about purchasing any new fixtures, or upgrade kits today!


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